Armstrong School District will be implementing a provision known as the Community Eligibility Program (CEP) in the 2024-2025 school year. This program is available to schools and districts that are participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.

All enrolled students of Armstrong School District are eligible to receive a nutritional breakfast and lunch each school day at no charge to your household. No further action is required for your child(ren) to receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.

School menus are posted under Nutrition and Wellness. Students with special dietary needs that require a meal substitution must have a special dietary needs form filled out by their physician. The forms are available from the school nurse or on the food service web page. This is a Department of Education guideline that we are required to follow.


School Café

We offer School Café as our on-line payment system for additional school cafeteria purchases. This provides you with the convenience and information you will need to manage your child’s cafeteria account. At no cost, School Café will allow any family to create a free and secured site.

You may make an online prepayment into your child’s meal account using a credit card or debit card at School Café will charge a 5% convenience fee for credit or debit card transactions. If you do not wish to put money on the account using the online system, please send a check or money with your child to school. Checks should be made out to “Armstrong School District Food Service”. Please be sure to mark your child’s name on the check.

Birthday & Celebration Guidelines

The District’s Wellness Committee would like to share ways in which parents/guardians can have a positive effect on our children’s nutrition and eating habits while they are in school. While we appreciate your wish to recognize your child’s birthday by bringing treats to school, please be aware of the following guidelines in regards to birthday celebrations:

  1. Treats should only be brought in when requested for scheduled parties and will be limited to foods permitted by the district. Permitted foods may vary from classroom to classroom based upon student health issues.
  2. Classroom parties shall offer a minimal amount of foods (maximum 2-3 items) containing added sugar as the primary ingredient (e.g., cupcakes, cookies) and will provide the following: Fresh Fruits/Vegetables; and water. 100% juice, 100% juice diluted with water, low-fat milk or nonfat milk.
  3. Scheduled parties will be announced through newsletters or letters sent home.
  4. Treat will be served after the lunch period or at the end of the day, when possible.

We encourage you to consider options that are lower in fat and sugar, or consider nonfood options. Some suggestions are:

  • Apple, carrot, banana, pumpkin, blueberry or other muffins instead of cupcakes
  • Cut-up fruits and veggies with low-fat dressing or yogurt dip
  • Soft pretzels
  • Baked corn chips and potato chips with salsa and low-fat dips
  • Flavored yogurt and fruit parfaits
  • Bagels with low-fat cream cheese
  • Nonfood treats, such as pencils, erasers. Notebooks or small toys

Parents/Guardians will be responsible for keeping perishable items properly cooled or refrigerated. We also encourage you to ask your child’s teacher to consider hosting a fun activity that does not involve food, such as reading a special book to students or play a special game with students.

Birthday Guidelines Letter

The “Smart Snacks in School” nutrition standards go into effect July 1, 2014. The regulations cover all foods and beverages sold in schools other than those sold as part of the school breakfast and lunch programs.

Find out more on the USDA website

Below is the link to the August 8, 2014 presentation on the “Smart Snacks in School” program.

Smart Snacks Presentation